Rapid Intervention & Firefighter Survival

Rapid Intervention & Firefighter Survival

This course is designed to give firefighters knowledge and skills to have a much better chance of surviving a mayday situation on the fire ground. Firefighters will also learn to function as a Rapid Intervention Team to deploy, access, and remove a downed firefighter from a mayday situation. 

  • Understanding the history and need for RIT
  • Case histories
  • Personnel and equipment needed for RIT
  • Size-up and safety assessments 
  • Commanding the RIT
  • RIT fire ground communications
  • Criteria for calling a MAYDAY 
  • Team building skills 
  • Search lines
  • FF through the floor
  • Removing firefighters above and below grade
  • Breaching evolutions.
  • Multiple downed FF’s.
  • Narrow profile evolutions 
  • RIT-Related Equipment
  • RIT deployment skills 
  • Downed firefighter locating
  • Downed Firefighter drags and carries
  • Entanglement drills
  • Bail outs
  • SCBA confidence and trouble shooting 

Rapid Intervention & Firefighter Survival refresher training

We also offer annual refresher training to keep teams in practice and up to date on the latest technology, skills, and equipment. 

Our courses are designed for intensive hands on training with a minimum amount of classroom time. We can provide some of the equipment needed for the training. Please feel free to contact us for a quote or questions.