mobile confined space simulator

48' Confined Space Rescue Training Simulator

Through the use of mobile equipment, props, and simulators, we train at your site allowing you to train more responders in a cost effective manner. On-site training eliminates travel, lodging, and per diem costs.

Technician level training

Our Confined Space Rescue Training Simulator is a 48′ semi trailer. The simulator eliminates the need to take spaces out of service or search for places to have realistic training scenarios; it’s all in the simulator. It has all of OSHA’s “LIKE SPACES” incorporated into the trailer. We have pipes, vaults, trays, tanks, ducts, hoppers, verticals, horizontals, top entry, side entry, and bottom entry. Our portal shapes and sizes are changeable through the use of templates that bolt in and out. Through the use of these templates we can utilize only the shape and size openings that clients have at their facility. We also have a dryer can template for the paper industry.


Tech-ResQ confined space trailer

All of the spaces are interconnected so that the scenario possibilities are endless and there is never a need to do the same scenario twice. We should be able to replicate any space that you have on site. We have doors placed throughout the instructor corridor to ensure proper procedures and safe removal of students, if necessary. All the spaces are lighted and can be turned on by the instructor with the flip of a switch. This Simulator allows us to provide the most realistic hands on training available. With the use of our Simulator we are able to perform more scenarios each class which equals more proficient rescuers.

Fire training simulators

fire brigade training simulator

Fire Brigade training simulation

We can also provide live fire propane training props or a portable class A Burn Trailer for flash-over or interior fire fighting training. We will set up at your site to simulate industrial firefighting scenarios.